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When reporting a player, please use the following format in your posts:

In-game username:
Reporting player:
Rule broken:

Your evidence must be a screenshot or a video.

Screenshots must be of your ENTIRE game screen, but cropping out the rest of your browser is okay (and preferred). If you are unsure how to crop your pictures, please click here. You may not block out or censor anything else that's going on in the screenshot, whether it's the chat box, game screen, private chats, etc. Doing this tampers with the evidence and makes it look like you may be hiding something that you don't want us to see. If that's the case, the report may be closed without any questions or actions being taken. All of this applies when posting a video as well.

The miscellaneous section is to let us know any other information that might help us process the report (such as what was happening that is not apparent from the evidence).

This helps whoever is taking care of your report greatly and really speeds up the time it takes to take action against the rule breakers.

If you don't use this format, your report might take longer to process or could be ignored and locked all-together.

Posting on a player's report is prohibited unless you are contributing to the report by posting your own evidence about the player that's being reported. We don't need unnecessary posts on a report topic. It's between the player who's reporting, the player being reported, and the staff. These posts would be such as "I was there, and I agree this person was breaking rules", or "Lol hey look I'm on your friends list". The first time will be a verbal warning. If it worsens, you'll receive a temporary mute on the forums.

After you've read all of this, you may post a new report. To begin posting a new report, click here.
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