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Forum Rules

Started by Jeremy, April 24, 2008, 09:54:09 PM

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Forum Policy

In order to maintain the pleasant atmosphere here at the Worldscape Blitz Forums, we have created a general Forum Policy. This policy covers the basic rules for forum behavior, and is an agreement all members are held to. Please note that by posting within Worldscape Blitz Forums, you are consenting to follow the below rules. Those found in violation of the Forum Policy will be subject to administrative action on your forum account.

General personal conduct (quick read)
1.   Be respectful to ALL members.
2.   Don’t harass others.
3.   Don’t be excessively vulgar, abusive or annoying.
4.   Don’t feed the trolls.
5.   Don’t spam.
6.   Don’t link to or post inappropriate material.
7.   Pick your username, avatar and signatures wisely.
8.   Don’t let others on to your account.
9.   Read the other rules. ;)

1.   No posting of animated logos allowed.  If anyone is found to have been in violation of this, the logo will be removed. If you continue to post animated logos, you will face administrative actions.  Reason: These animated logos slow down the forum.
2.   Posts may not contain material in violation of the SMF Simple Machines LLC Terms of Service (TOS).  This includes, but is not limited to:
a.   Offensive remarks toward specific members, staff, or generalized groupings.
b.   Short posts that only contain messages such as “lol” “yeah” or a quote without more content added to your post.
c.   Racial slurs, grossly sexual jokes or excessive cursing.
d.   Adult material in any form.
e.   Personal websites or forums.
f.   Copyrighted materials
g.   Instructions for illegal activities (Example: torrenting and cracking a game)
h.   Advertisements or recruitment messages. This includes referral links.
i.   Messages solely in a language other than English.
j.   Spamming (repetitive gibberish).
3.   Reports of a policy violation should be sent via personal message to the acting moderator of the area or to an admin. Under no circumstances should reports be posted on the forums (with the exception of in-game reports).
4.   Should a situation occur where a member of staff has broken the policy or section rules, the administrators or owners will take the situation into their hands. Please avoid posting on topics that have this problem, as you risk getting involved and having action taken on your account.  PLEASE, instead, report these instances (see #3).
5.   Do not take forum violations into your own hands. Please avoid posts such as “This should be locked.”, “Wrong board.” and “Don’t double post.”
6.   When posting, consider grammar and spelling. The post should be readable and the message clear. Not doing so risks a misinterpretation by staff or other members.
a.   This does not mean you will have action taken on your account for not being fluent in English, or for not being able to spell well.
7.   Topic titles and posts should not contain excessive punctuation marks or smiley faces. Nor should these titles or posts be typed in all caps.
8.   Topics older than one month old should not be posted on unless:
a.   The topic is stickied.
b.   You created the topic and have an extremely good reason to make the topic active again (as an example: Bumping a topic you created based around a Classic clan that was created before Classic was taken down. This is acceptable due to the fact that Classic has returned).

Personal Message
1.   Private messages are subject to the rules of public posts (meaning all above rules apply to sending private messages).
2.   Private messages are PRIVATE. You are not to duplicate private messages sent to you or from you by posting them on the public forums unless both parties (or all parties, if the conversation is larger) are in agreement and it serves a valid purpose.

Member Profiles
1.   Signatures and avatars must adhere to the posting rules.
2.   A maximum of TWO 600x200 signatures is allowed. Any signatures beyond the size will be removed completely. Signatures with animation excessive enough to slow the page will also be removed.
Important note: The staff reserve the right to remove signatures for ANY reason judged suitable by the administration.

1.   Do not impersonate an AGF staff member.
2. Do not encourage others to break the rules.
3.   Do not abuse the report in-game rule breakers forum.
4.   Do not ask for personal details (Such as age, location or phone number).
5. Do not attempt to buy/sell/trade RS or WS accounts.
6. Do not discuss or perform botting on the WS servers.

1.   Posts which break policy may be edited or removed by a staff member. Topics may be edited, removed or locked. Staff members will provide a reason before taking action. If you are unsure as to why your post or topic has been modified in these ways, you may (and should!) private message a forum moderator or staff member  to obtain more information.
Important note: The editing or lucking of posts/topics is not a severe punishment. Members are merely expected to learn from their mistakes.
2.   Persistent offenders will be warned and/or banned. The length of the ban is left for the staff member to decide upon.
3.   Those found evading bans will remain banned permanently unless under special circumstances (such as using another account to make a forum appeal).

Important note: The AGF staff reserves the right to ban without warning in extreme cases.

Forum Administration

The Forum Administration Team; owners of AllGoFree, Worldscape, Worldscape Blitz, and any affiliated website reserve the right to break this policy on this forum at anytime deemed reasonable. This also pertains to any website owned, and operated by AllGoFree or any affiliated product.

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