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Started by Mia, April 09, 2015, 05:09:01 AM

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Hi Worldscapiens!

I just had an idea,
Are you sick of waiting for updates and wonder what AGF staff are considering?

Why not have a ::updates command that opens up a page (LIKE ::RULES) that shows updates that are in the process of creating, future updates, pretty much a weekly/monthly newsletter?

It would benefit the server! that way we know that's coming!!!

I Merk

We already know what's going to happen... f*ck all.


Would be an awesome addition but not really anything to add to it right now,

I think the ::rules and ::commands along with ::help need to be updated before we get another list interface... But a ::updates would let people know that these lists have been updated.

Would be awesome but we can't rely on Ryan to keep updating this with a schedule like his.

+1 for a future update but unnecessary at this point in time.