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Using QOTD Board
« on: October 04, 2011, 10:49:53 am »
Question of the Day

Using this board if very simple and we ask very little of the people that use it.

We ask that you DO NOT continue to bump old questions, if they are older then 3-4 days try to avoid posting on them. The Forum staff is going to try to keep up with them by locking them. This board had a lot of grave-digging done in the past.

Only post 1 Question per day. When you do post a Question make sure it is a good one! Use this Format "QOTD: (DATE:MM\DD\YY) it helps the users to know when that question was actually posted.

Answering questions. Try not to spam as the forum rules still apply here, try to make your answers long enough that they aren't considered spam, but short enough they aren't bypassed by quick forum readers.
Be appropriate when answering or asking questions! Try not to post negative content about anyone or thing here. Don't post offense images, text, or video's.
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