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The best song ever...

Started by Thehate, November 29, 2011, 06:46:42 PM

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Hey all,
You may know that my music taste has varied over the years... It has finally settled.
to the following Genre's
Death Metal
Heavy Metal
Death Metal

If you want to judge me then Go ahead, I really have heard it all over the years, I've lost family, Friends and close people to me by my taste in music.

Here is a few examples of what I like and listen to.

And much much more like that, If you want more songs let me know... :)


I'm a forum and server legend ;)



Escape the fate, FTW! didn't the singer go to the band "falling in reverse?"

You might like this song(:


Yeah he did.... Not much else to say, and personally its an alright song, nothing special, but then again all the songs I like have to have some significance to some part of my life. Such as Parkway Drive  - Pressure.
I'm a forum and server legend ;)


Same here, You should check out they band "Mayday Parade", It signifys quite abit about me, might mean something too you aswell.