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Partyroom= waste of time for person that did it

Started by Jewie, November 07, 2011, 04:23:01 PM

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Today i worked really hard to get a marionette getting 100's of fires getting the first class party 2 people came got the marionette's i worked for, didn't even give me anything they had 0 fire count like come on. It's not fair that i sit that and get leeched like that a second time PLEASE do something with this, all i wanted was a marionette hours of work wasted because of Rare4live and Guitair1460 who got them and just teled away.


No its bullcrap that i do all this work to get leeched and put all my work to nothing.


There is no real way of stopping this. Next time don't advertise over the yell channel, Like you did.

If you see me In-game I'l give you a Marionette.