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Poem: My Damnation

Started by brianc, October 04, 2011, 07:54:26 PM

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I'm back with another poem.

Read this just as it flowed through my fingers as I typed it.

I hope you enjoy.

My damnation is like a silent incantation.
Cast out like a spell, coming up from the gates of hell, slitting my wrist as I watch my blood spill.
Scared of my own self, left but no choice to kill myself.
I search yet deep inside, thinking should I do whats in my mind.
I feel the pain of my own nation, substituted with my own damnation.
I watch the news as I fall to the fate of the world before me, these are are the people that are tormenting thee.
I plead insanity in the absence of vanity.
I try to find a way out of this world, never to come close, I find it hard to find which way the wind blows.
I'm lost mentally, stuck inside my own brutal fatality.
I wish I can break free of this temptation, yet it only leads me to my damnation.

Be sure to come back for more poems.

Please be supportive of me, I'm trying to be big in the poetry industry.

Thank you for reading.

Brian Crowell