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Pictures of my Fiancee and my Step Daughter.

Started by brianc, June 16, 2011, 11:00:35 PM

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I felt like sharing the two most important things to ever come into my life.
My Fiancee and my Baby Daughter Winter.

Below are the pictures.

Thank you for viewing.

Wish us luck with our child.

Brian Crowell

Diva La Viva

Ahhh, the baby is beautiful. Good luck bro.


Ohh i havent seen you logging in to here for ages.. :)

Anyways, congratz and good luck with life :P

Beautiful baby  ;D


The Baby Looks damn Adorable!!
May I Ask You His Name Brian ??
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It's a baby girl, Her name is Winter.

Thank you all for your comments.

It means a-lot to me.

See you all in-game.

Brian Crowell

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I wish it was possible to punch some through a computer screen.

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Aww, such an adorable baby!

I like her name, it's very cute.



Very cute  Brian, may life bring you and your family a lot of joy  :).
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