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Naruto Drawings

Started by Chaoslancex, June 04, 2011, 12:51:51 AM

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some Drawings of Naruto i've done i used my iphone to transfer them to my laptop cause i aint got no scanner :\ but there they are XD
Ps i did not know they were that big XD maybe it's cause i took the pic so close..

Naruto Sage Mode

Kakashi Hatake Young : this one i did it on my English paper aka my homework for the day XD i was like so bored reading some book.


Kakashi: i need to finish he's hand XD it's a working progress

Naruto's Dad on my History Q&A of the day XD

One more of Naruto's Dad The Fourth Hokage.

ill add more, i need to go pick up my brother so yeah.. ill add more later :) all Comments welcomed

Amanda xo

Nice drawings , and I'm glad you shared them with us! Out of those my favorite is "Naruto Sage Mode." (:


Nice drawings like Amada said.

You should use GIMP or something to make them little smaller, easier to see and nicer to watch :)


wait what, how do i make them smaller???


Kakashi is sick!!! Nice job.  :P


Those are great, I like the second the most.  ;)


Uhm oscar you can right click the picture then open with paint or another program and zoom it out...Maybe?
And the drawings are sick.

Drunk Mario

The first one is the best.

Your a good drawer!  8)

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I wish it was possible to punch some through a computer screen.

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thank you thank you, and i fixed them XD thx joker XD


Nice I love the one of Sasuke, well done :) now do your homework! ;)


{aka }

{Thank you Francis}


Np Bud..Always welcome..If you need anything tell moi. =)


never mind this..


My favorite one is Kakashi Hatake Young. I like how you shaded it all to make it blend. It looks sexy.


The Second One Is Just A Piece Of Art.
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