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pking points

Started by rhyno 69, June 17, 2008, 01:04:55 PM

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rhyno 69

hey its me rhy... oh what the heck i dont want wrote that sh-t so i just go to business worldscape should have a pking points (dont get from funpk) ok now whos whit me!!?!?!?!??!!!?!?

-rhyno 69-
-mods un-ip-ban me!-
- of im sorry im a mean old shit to u... kids get out from my land!!!!!-

Chris Bud

I would like to see Pking point's... But I couldn't really read anything else you said ?! Can you please maybe... Clean up your spelling and typing? It was quite ahrd to find out what you where trying to get at... And I wasn't sure if you were mad, or you were posting a Question :-\

I pooN I

I think it's a great idea, but i also have to agree with Chris bud :P


Really, pk-ing points sound like a great idea but, I do think you need to vent some frustration...and try to stay away from cursing please.
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dude that is so true there should be pk-ing points hope it will happen :)

Chris Bud

The one problem here is I see that on alot of server's Pk point's are bugged :-\!

You see someone with 16 kill's, and like 657 Pk point's? Or someone with 175 kill's, and only 16 pk point's. I don't know if that is they way that it was coded in, or if it is just because they bug out after a short period of time!

If Ry add's them I'm sure he could fix that :D

     ~Chris Hope to see them!


you should move your topic to suggestions ;)

i can't right now because the beta-tester position doesn't let me have forum mod rights so :S anyway i already posted this idea too..



yeah chris, i know what your talking about, but, i'm pretty sure ry could figure out the bug and fix it. If he wanted to take the time to put them in( i hope he does :P)


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Well i already suggested this long ago....



that is true well ryan can do anything  :D

rhyno 69

oh well... iv been sad sense iv been ip-banned havent been oh this site like in 6 months this is my fist post sense then oh well loock what i can do in 6 moths watch
higth scores rhyno 69 u will supprise of my skills 0.0

                      u all are newbbies whahahahahahah     

buy plz un-ip-ban me please...


srry about that.

well another way it wont be like points how about its just a number of ppl you have kill wait is that still pk points  :D

but ya just if you kill 10 ppl you have a little sing avobe your head or on your name that says your kill this many ppl.  :D well dont know the difference but i think is same thing as pk points or it is pk poits  :D


Dear Rhyno,

I don't think i will Love the idea.
First of all, Worldscape Blitz will be Just like Runescape. you have to remomorize the points you will have. Second, I will clear your post for you, I'll make it fancy!

Hey! Its me rhyno 69... Oh what the heck! I don't want write that sh-t, so i just go to business, "WorldScape" should have a pking points (NOTE: You will not get Points from FunPk). Ok! Now who is with me?

- Rhyno 69
- Admins un-IPban me!
I'm really sorry, I am a mean old person to you... Players, get out from my land!!!!!

( NOTE TO RHYNO 69: Mods cannot un-ban you.)


Banjo Hick

good point, you need to learn how to like write, but yeah this is a pretty good idea, but i suck at pking so i would get like 3 total