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I don't use this account.
The internet. My mind, imagination, Gensokyo, whatever you want to call it.
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If you don't read this, you may be kicked, muted or banned without warning and not know why. No, really, read.

The video/song in my profile picture. Same video I got my last one from, if you saw that. Watch at least until the part with her glasses. That part's epic. =P

  -Completely, undeniably, 100% addicted to Touhou and loving it-
Without the internet, Touhou or my thoughts, I have very little a life.

It's really sad that only about 2 of the 115+ characters of Touhou is a guy(Humans in the 'Human Village' don't count. =O), and Touhou is still more manly than "those war games".
That, and Touhou is harder, more challenging, more extremely painful than any game you've ever played. It's no wonder I don't know the difference between Halo, Call of Duty, World at War and the etcetera.