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Miscellaneous / Need ur crafting supplies
April 05, 2018, 10:21:22 AM
Going for 2b crafting and i need your supplies, currently about 700m exp away.

name the price and ill see what i can do
Miscellaneous / Sell me your spare ourg bones
October 31, 2016, 06:06:50 AM
Need 40k ourg bones

Got some?
QOTD / QOTD; October 2nd 2016
October 02, 2016, 01:50:01 PM
Figured since this board hasn't been used in a long time and it gets a converation going that i'd give it a try

If you could turn any rumor true, what would it be?

> That people named Kyle stand up to lost bets and pays up.

General (WS) / come online
December 19, 2015, 07:54:59 AM
General (WS) / IRC chat
October 14, 2015, 03:01:33 PM

id really like to see  an irc chat in the future.
If you could have one update to worldscape, anything. what woul it be, and why?

go in depth on the update, please :)
Goals & Achievements / A new kind of goals & achievment
September 18, 2015, 03:00:57 PM
[COMPLETE] 1. Get 135 in every skill
[COMPLETE] 2. Pass 15 billion total experience
[COMPLETE] 3. complete zombies all by myself (840 kills)
[COMPLETE] 4. hit higher than 100 with an ags (103)
[PROGRESSING] 5. Collect 1000 exp lamps (103/1000)

Post me some challenges and i might be interested..
General (WS) / Beat that motherf*ckers
September 16, 2015, 08:41:21 AM
Armour / dh plate for legs
September 08, 2015, 02:15:50 PM
is anybody here willing to trade 1 million dh platelegs for my 1 million dh platebodies?
(bank looks unsorted)
General (WS) / click me.
August 30, 2015, 04:07:27 AM
As of reading this, get your fcking ass online.
Suggestions / Kick your own account?
April 25, 2015, 09:12:29 AM
We've all had the issue where your client kicks you off and your account is still logged in and you're left online unable to kick it because no moderators are online.
How about if we add a feature where you can kick your own account through the forums.
I made this to explain sortof what I though it would look like.

QOTD / QOTD April 13th 2015
April 13, 2015, 05:53:01 AM
How did you find worldscape? And what made you stay? :)

I found it from a friend that told me u spawned with 4 easter eggs in your inventory, and I was like "woooooot, links pl0x?!"
And the kind people made me stay. Even though I have left several times, something just drags be back.
Bug Reports / Slayer bugs
April 10, 2015, 02:27:31 PM
As i'm going to max my account, i've stumbled upon hundreds of bugs.
These are bugs ive come across during; Slayer

- Ice warriors don't count as a kill in your slayertask.
- Arzinians don't count as a kill in your slayertask.
- make diffirent sayermasters with different slayermonsters that requires higher levels. (getting "men" tasks at level 134 isn't really good..)
Tutorials/Guides (WS) / Slayermonster locations
April 10, 2015, 12:57:57 PM
Slayer tower monsters

First floor
3423,3537,0,0 - giant bat
3413,3539,0,0 - cockatrice
3416,3546,0,0 - bear
3425,3551,0,0 - ghost
3423,3549,0,0 - cave slime
3429,3556,0,0 - skeleton
3420,3558,0,0 - basilisk
3434,3571,0,0 - Ice giant, hill giant, fire giant, moss giant,  lesser demon
3436,3558,0,0 - dust devil, banshee, ghost, dwarf

Second floor
3438,3537,1,0 - jelly
3440,3560,1,0 - kurask
3427,3573,1,0 - skeletal wyvern, gargoyle
3419,3564,1,0 - abyssal demon
3422,3540,1,0 - nechryael

Third floor
3419,3537,2,0 - gargoyle
3443,3564,2,0 - nechryael
3426,3558,2,0 - dust devil
3414,3550,2,0 - dark beast
3417,3564,2,0 - abyssal demon
Suggestions / Bugs list for NEW Worldscape
November 06, 2014, 06:16:11 PM
Since everybody likes the idea of a new Worldscape, i rhough i'd provide with a little bugs list. Feel free to add some bugs in the comments, and ill add it in for ya ;)

Bugslist for New revsion and world of Worldscape Blitz

//Update welcome message and that spam message with some more interesting things :) (maybe make this editable for admins so they can advertise an event, forum post or future update)
//On the 508 client, the "Enter" chat option doesn't work
//Give the forum a whole new look :)
//Most of the updates I suggest, the reply is something like; "It'll mess up the RuneRebels code, and we don't want that". Why can't we just seperate the code?
//I tested item and it doesn't seem like weight effects your run speed and energy at all

//Remove (Runes, bankall, food, tele, switch)
1. ::runes makes runecrafting useless
2. ::food makes fishing/cooking useless
3. ::bankall makes it too easy to skill
4. ::tele new players have told me they found it strange that you could ::tele, and told me they didn't really like it.
5. ::Switch is easy to abuse. maybe add some altars instead? :)
//Update (commands, help, teleports, )
1. these commands are really outdated.
1. ::vote is a command at every server, but nobody votes on worldscape because it doesn't give you an advantage, i suggest we skip the traditional voteshop shit, and make it do when you do ::partyroom you need to ::vote first. "Sorry, you must have voted within the last 24 hours to enter. you can do so by using the ::vote command"
Client, or that for every vote registred to your acount, you gain another 7 days of membership.

1. since we don't really have any quests released, maybe we should replace the quest interface with command avalible to you. the command name opens an interface with a definition for the command you clicked.

2. not sure if this goes under interfaces, but your jaw still disappears when using a hood.
//Tzhaar cave
1. shops don't have the correct items, amounts or prices.
2. Make it so when you click the "Cave enterance" it starts the Jad-minigame (atleast teleports you in, if the gamemode isn't finish)
1.Maybe add some other monsters?
//Duel Arena
1. You can't modify the fight options
//Pest control
1. I got together with Austin a while ago and collected all the information needed for the pest control. (should be under an admin board on the runerebels forums
//Skillcape masters
1. should be the once giving out the skillcape, buying them all fro one npc seems strange to me
//Slayer Masters
2.Should be in the correct spots? maybe?
Maybe we should transfer the runerebels drop data, and later add some fo the worldscape custom drops, atleast i think it's way to easy to obtain items like whips and such.. same goes with barrows items from ::northpole, fixing the gamemode would be alot better

Combat (att, str, def, hp)
1. there was something that needed to be fixed so the new boss could work.
//Other combat (prayer, ranged, magic)
1. Is there anything we can do to fix ranged? maybe when crossbows are added it'll all be fixed
Skills / Agility Spots
October 05, 2014, 04:26:01 AM
Gnome Agility course
Required level: 1
Coordinates: 2474,3438,0,0
Status: Functional

Barbarian Outpost Agility course
Required level: 35
Coordinates: 2541,3546,0,0
Status: Partially functional

Ape Atoll Agility course
Required level: 48
Coordinates: 2769,2750,0,0
Status: Not working

Wilderness Agility Course
Required level: 52
Coordinates: 3003,3934,0,0
Status: Functional

Werewolf Agility course
Required level: 60
Coordinates: xxxx, yyyy, h
Status: Unknown

Feel free to provide with any missing information
Skills / 135 crafting?
October 04, 2014, 09:44:18 AM
As one happned to be 135 already, are there any good tips on how to get 135 crafting as fast as possible?
I was thinking of slaying dragons, but 15k of them sounds like alot.

There was a discussion earlier where we would consider adding the gem rocks, is this still up for discussion and/or under development?
Suggestions / Notification
September 29, 2014, 04:42:25 PM
Is it possible to add a notification system where if someone does for example

Buying all pure essence!
@playername i've seen you at the essence mine before, do you think you have any spare once?
@playername you have been accepted into our clan!
Inviting @playername1 @playername2 and @playername3 to team up with me on the boss tonight!
I think this sounds like a great idea! @ry60003333 should add this to his to-do list 😎

The player tagged might recieve something of a notification in the message box or something
Rants / Weed decorated clothes
September 24, 2014, 08:30:10 AM
People wearing clotes decorated with weed themes, quotes or even just using it as a profile pic makes you look desperate for attention. Ok, smoke weed as much as you'd like, but don't push it up my fcking face.

So Mia, change your prof pic. Please.