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Topics - Dug

QOTD / QOTM: January 18 2019
January 18, 2019, 03:04:36 PM
Time for a QOTM (Question of the month since no-one manages to answer in time)

Hello! I missed you all and wanted to wish you all a happy belated new year!
I wanted to ask what you currently are doing these days, specifically what's your occupation, and what do you plan on doing for this year?
Looking forward to seeing some familiar names <3!

    • When trading with npc's or shops you have to perform the process once more when next to them for it to actually work.
    • Dungeons don't seem to work for either 317 or 508.
    • Slashing webs/vines with whatever sharp item does not work. (Vines (5103)::tele 2690 9564)
    • Cleaning herbs requires the quest Druidic Ritual however we can't seem to obtain raw bear meat, raw rat meat or raw beef (Also have to test whether we can burn the piece of raw beef similar to chicken).
    • Giant rats don't drop their respective item
    • Cows don't drop their respective item
    • Chickens in farm locations don't drop their respective items (evil chicken events do)
    • Most slayer items are not tradeable but earmuffs seem to be.
    • Text in ::coolparty also displays in ::cw when entering a portal.
    • You can't sheer Sheep at all it seems. (::tele 3209 3263)
    • Drinking a Keg of Beer used to make the player's character sway around until you died or relogged however now it seems  to only last for less than a minute.
    • Crash Id pops up when you high Alch a tinderbox (It seems to not occur anymore so might be fixed)
    • Crash Id pops up when you try to enter the cooking guild.
    • Crash Id pops up when you click continue when talking to Shantay(836) at the desert pass, you can't even trade him anymore.
    • For some weird reason, certain slayer monsters don't lower you're task amount nor do they grant exp when killed (Such as Bears or zombies)
    • Any player actions can prompt you out of ::bank when trying to deposit/withdraw as with dialogue.
    • Pressing "Click here to continue" when talking to the shantay at shanty pass prompts a crash id
    • All barrows items I've noticed has a stat on pickup, but as soon as they degrade they lose their defensive stats.  as shown in the following topics:,15361.0.html,14364.0.html,14742.0.html
      Also the following topic shows there's an issue with the last brother disappearing in in the tunnels at ::barrows,13198.0.html
    • When leveling up a skill it seems the next item/object you can fletch/smith/mine/cut etc.. is absent, that is the message of the next step is missing such as "You can now cut yew loggs!". In addition the level up message interrupts the action whether it's make 10 or make x. Perhaps. now the action
    • According to the following topic some slayer monsters don't count towards the slayer task:,14838.msg132261.html#new
      Monsters included: Ice warriors, otherworldly beings, zombies and possibly more.
    • ::Northpole is no longer filled with otherwordly beings, it should be :(
    • Vannaka for worldscape is located at varrock central for acquiring skill capes as it should be, however we may need a rearrangement as he isn't in edgeville dungeon and we can't procure slayer tasks from him.
    • Similar to runerebels, some trees like magic and yew trees don't re spawn as they should and need to be looked at.
    • ::zombies minigame stopped working post stage 2 twice and needs to be looked at. Zombies just didn't spawn and relogging completely ignores amount of zombies killed and grants no tokens.
      Furthermore, after logging back in a day after, the zombies of mine and the other player from the previous game appeared outside the minigame and into the starting area. In addition, there was some kind of visual bug as shown in the image. (The banners are also slightly bugged I don't know if it matters but just bringing it up in case. Banners at ::zombies (ID: 10582, 3504,3577)
      Edit: Now after several games zombies continue to spawn outside the minigame and still have drops enabled, they are banked when killing them all, and when going to the minigame portal, it still indicates a game is in session.
      According to,14818.0.html, Camp beasts don't auto attack (However this may be intentional to prevent afk'ers I can't recall.)

    508 Listed Bugs

    • On the 508 Client, it seems that you can't perform a second action until the first has been done for example, dropping a stack of air runes then right clicking a stack of fire runes removes the visual interface of right clicking the fire rune stack thus making you right click the fire rune stack again if you wanted to drop it however if you are quick enough you can still perform both actions.
    • You can't fletch on the 508 at least not yew logs and you can't string the bows either.
    • When I cooked a swordfish on a range and when trying to cook it again to burn it, I get the "You can't cook that on a range" (No idea if you should be able to burn swordfish intentionally but the issue is that message remains in the Chatbox section until you actually "click to continue" moving does not remove it which it should.
    • On the 508 Client, Show Equipment states interface closes when trying to equip items rendering the option useless but more importantly, you can't click items to unequip it's not actually possible.

    I'm sure you're aware of most if not some of these issues, just thought of putting the list up and modifying it when the time is right.
    Contribution from anyone would be highly appreciated so that we know what to tackle.
Good evening!

I've just had this on my computer and wanted to let anyone who's thinking of training crafting this is one method you could begin to raise a few levels before you go on to a more efficient method.

Soft Leather: (1 each)
Gloves         : 3450 exp
Boots           : 4075 exp
Crowl           : 4625 exp
Vambraces   : 5500 exp
Armour        : 6250 exp
Leather Body: 6250 exp
Chaps          : 6750 exp
Coif             : 9250 exp

Hard Leather:
Hard Leather Body(3):  8750 exp (2916 per hide)

Green D'Hide:
Green D'Hide vambs(1) : 15,500 exp
Green D'Hide Chaps(2) : 31,000 exp (15,500 exp per hide)
Green D'Hide Body(3)  : 46,500 exp (15,500 exp per hide)

Red D'Hide:
Red D'Hide vambs(1): 19,500 exp
Red D'Hide Chaps(2): 39,000 exp (19,500 exp per hide)
Red D'Hide Body(3) : 58.500 exp (19,500 exp per hide)

Black D'Hide:
Black D'Hide vambs(1) : 21,500 exp
Black D'Hide Chaps(2) : 43,000 exp (21,500 exp per hide)
Black D'Hide Body(3)  : 64,500 exp (21,500 exp per hide)

Other methods include:
1) Crafting fire staffs from orbs looted from Hero in ardy (Also a good method to trigger random events that leads to method #3)
2) chisel a bunch of gems and then further use those gems for jewelry (as suggested in another topic)
3) Use your leftover lamps in your bank if you managed to store them before a crucial update that prevents you from doing so.
508 Screen Shots / My 508 Screenshot
January 20, 2018, 05:09:53 PM
Well as Kevin requested about just over 7 years ago..
Here is my picture.. and you'll get a special prize in game if you manage to guess what's wrong within the picture.
QOTD / QOTD: January 16 2018
January 17, 2018, 07:18:25 AM
Good morning, afternoon, evening you wonderful people!

Today I'd like to ask, what's one of the hardest/toughest things you had overcome that you can remember?
If you can't answer that question, what's going on now that you're finding it hard to move forward in?

I'm still trying to graduate with a decent GPA. I hit roadblocks on my path to graduation however all i know is that i didn't do my best to get through them and now i'm finally taking control and going to ensure that i don't waste time while i still have the mental capability to redeem myself.
QOTD / QOTD; January 16 2018
January 16, 2018, 02:44:57 AM
Heres a question that should be fun to answer!

What are your expectations that you plan to achieve in 2018?

I honestly expect myself to be graduating mid year and hopefully able to prove to myself that I am more than capable then doing so! What are yours :D?
QOTD / QOTD; January 10 2018
January 10, 2018, 11:45:48 AM
Good morning/afternoon/evening

I'm still in university and I've hit some downs that triggered to remember the good old days when everything was simple.

My question:
What were the three most loved aspects of your Worldscape experience?

1) That there was always something to do or someone to kill
2) That I got to engage with a diverse amount of people and build a relationship that ultimately made me mod and love a whole lot of you.
3) That I never truly raged at anyone as i have with other games that promote a lot of tilt/toxic behaviour (I've been banned on 2 accounts on this platform.
General (OT) / Happy Birthday to one special person
September 21, 2013, 04:11:07 AM
Please give a fantastic and grateful cheer to the one and only Mia!
Happy Birthday to her and 1000 more :3. May you have a great day on this joyful planet we live in!
We love you <3.
Screenshots / Good old Zombies
August 01, 2013, 12:12:30 PM
Just me and Cory spending some time in Zombies. The memories of killing the dead will always remain.
General (OT) / New Years
December 31, 2012, 04:15:09 PM
Well, Happy New years guys and girls.
Another year has passed while being with this wonderful community. We've had some ups, and some downs and hopefully it'll be better than worse in the upcoming 12 months.
May this year bring you all joy and happiness and hopefully no tragedies.
What have i spent the last hour of 2012 doing? Well, I've watched titanic yet again, and must say it's one touching movie that i would have no regrets watching over and over again.
Love you all, Dug.
Suggestions / A Few Modifications
December 23, 2012, 06:19:08 AM
Well i've been always wondering about some aspects of the game that potentially be able to improve, it's fine if they don't, it'll just make the game a little easier for all of us. Some of these might have been answered in previous threads, but I've included them to see if they could still be an option to fix.

  • Would it be able to modify the bank plugin to work fully on the 317 without just showing the limited amount of items in a 317 bank view?
  • On the 508 client, you aren't able to tele-block anyone because the actual spell Icon doesn't show on the magic tab.

  • When in ::bank, after searching for an item and withdrawing it, you are forced to close and re-open the ban to continue interacting, would it be possible to continue using the search option to withdraw items or even to withdraw several items through the search command?.
  • When on the 508 client, every action you do after a previous action such as right clicking a player after clicking on an Npc gets overwritten, I'm not sure why that is but somehow when you pk with the 508, after right clicking a player getting ready to attack them, you have to do it again because you've overwritten it with your previous action.

  • Another issue is when you've been ice barraged, you can't pick up items on the floor for some reason. Would that be a possible fix?
A few item fixes:
  • Could the Karils bow be somehow fixed as become a little more powerfull than the crystal bow? I believe this for two reasons which are that the karils bow requires the Bolt Racks, and that there should be at least one powerful bow that many people aren't able to use.
  • What about Dh'ing, would it be possible to fix that to give players a little bit more to fight with? I'm sure some would just spam it seeing as many people have that type of armour.. but think of the good side.
Thanks in advance for anything : ).
Screenshots / Unfortunate duel
December 22, 2012, 01:40:53 PM
Well for some reason, I couldn't see his health bar.
Suggestions / The Veterans.
December 07, 2012, 02:14:12 PM
Wouldn't it be possible to retrieve old players back through their email? Not that they check them on a daily basis, but it's possibly a good idea :\. The e-mail should also link them to restoring their account along with a brief description to catch what's left of their interest.
This may bring back some players, but we have to keep in mind that it'll bring back some good, as well as bad.
What do you all think about this idea?

Edit: If this topic was suggested long ago, then let me know with a link attached so that it is confirmed it isn't repeated thanks. (:
QOTD / Question of the day! (June 9th, 2012)
June 09, 2012, 02:45:53 PM
So what have you all been up to lately this past month?
I've went to the gym for the first time in 2/3 years and actually did sets of weight lifting, later on I couldn't lift my arms.. strain'd my muscles -.-, but I'm fine now :). I'm also almost done with my exams, I'll finish on the 17th so I may see you all soon, just got to focus hard and ace pass em :).
Screenshots / Barrows loot after 3 runs
April 15, 2012, 04:10:02 PM
Believe it or not, i decided to go to barrows to test my luck, and that's exactly what started to happen during my third run.

If you don't believe this is possible, we could get an admin to confirm this.
Videos / WWE
April 10, 2012, 06:40:52 AM
How about that match, the Rock vs Cena, honestly, i never knew the Rock was in wwe in the first place o.o.
The 3 hour long video is found below :D!
If you live in the united states [which sadly i do not]  and are a fan of of WWE, go HERE, to win big : ).
General (OT) / Happy Birthday Ramon.
April 06, 2012, 03:36:47 PM
Just wanted to say, Happy Birthday to Ramon. Even thou you've done some wrong, i believe THIS
Have a lovely day my friend.
QOTD / Question of the day! (April 05'th, 2012)
April 06, 2012, 02:29:41 PM
What would you do if you were given a chance to start a new life in a extravagant island such as Hawaii, at the age of 20 with no worries on money, education, or family because you have none?
Screenshots / Highest amount of Zombies Killed
March 18, 2012, 06:12:04 PM
Here is where we decide who the Toughest of the tough in world scape are! There are three sections:
Pro, Hardcore, Godly.
All you have to do, is take a picture of your highest kills, and post it here and we'll see if you've earned the right to be on the toughest 3 ranks of worldscape! :D!



             Tinyyoshi   (207 KILLS)
             Jarred   (208 KILLS)

             Ratman3   (278 KILLS)
             I Steal Cash   (333 KILLS)
             I Merk   (409 KILLS)
             James   (268 KILLS)

What are the kill count range for the 3 ranks?
PRO = 150<...
HARDCORE = 190<...
GODLY = 250<....
How do you apply? Just like the following :).

These are my latest:

P.s Any suggestions are welcome THROUGH PM
     Feel free to post pictures of your zombie moments on here also :)!
QOTD / Question of the day! (March 18'th, 2012)
March 18, 2012, 09:31:17 AM
What's your source of music in your country, city, town :D?
Mine is
Britney spears ftw :3.