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Hello guys, long time no see! I hope everybody who gets the chance to read this has been doing well over the past couple of years, even 10+ at this point! I want to take the time to share with some of you veterans returning to this nostalgic blast from the past game some brief updates with what's been going on.

Over the last couple years Ry60003333 and I, as well as a few long-time staff members and new, have been working on our project we started back in 2012. It's called RuneRebels and it's a 2006 remake server. We've had periodic moments over these years where we've been on and off with it, due to life/adult obligations. But we've been keeping the ball rolling again lately. We have added lots of content, all strictly based on how the content was back in 2006, with the exception of Skill Capes that we've added. We have plenty of quests released at the moment and are still working on more. We've been spending a lot of time and work on it to make sure it provides that perfect nostalgic 2006 experience and is exactly how it was on RuneScape.

I figured some of you guys would come back here every now and then to check up on how things have been and see if there has been any activity. We still haven't gone anywhere. And we miss you guys a lot. More than you miss us I bet lol. If it's still necessary to say at this point given it's been roughly 13 years, WorldScape will never go offline, regardless of whether or not people play it. And the same goes for RuneRebels! And we do actually have some players over there. We'd love to see some of you old vets come over to RuneRebels and check it out!
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General (WS) / Massacre
January 16, 2018, 02:40:20 AM
General (OT) / Howdy
January 18, 2016, 03:27:19 AM
Haven't posted in over 3 years, thought I'd take a look around. Hope you all didn't forget about me. ::)

What's happenin'?
Videos / Awesome Ancients 2012
December 13, 2012, 02:16:48 AM
Here's a video of the revamped awesome ancients in 2012, similar to the awesome ancients back in '07-'08. Enjoy the insanity. ;)

When reporting a player, please use the following format in your posts:

QuoteIn-game username:
Reporting player:
Rule broken:

Your evidence must be a screenshot or a video.

Screenshots must be of your ENTIRE game screen, but cropping out the rest of your browser is okay (and preferred). If you are unsure how to crop your pictures, please click here. You may not block out or censor anything else that's going on in the screenshot, whether it's the chat box, game screen, private chats, etc. Doing this tampers with the evidence and makes it look like you may be hiding something that you don't want us to see. If that's the case, the report may be closed without any questions or actions being taken. All of this applies when posting a video as well.

The miscellaneous section is to let us know any other information that might help us process the report (such as what was happening that is not apparent from the evidence).

This helps whoever is taking care of your report greatly and really speeds up the time it takes to take action against the rule breakers.

If you don't use this format, your report might take longer to process or could be ignored and locked all-together.

Posting on a player's report is prohibited unless you are contributing to the report by posting your own evidence about the player that's being reported. We don't need unnecessary posts on a report topic. It's between the player who's reporting, the player being reported, and the staff. These posts would be such as "I was there, and I agree this person was breaking rules", or "Lol hey look I'm on your friends list". The first time will be a verbal warning. If it worsens, you'll receive a temporary mute on the forums.

After you've read all of this, you may post a new report. To begin posting a new report, click here.
Screenshots / Random picture I wanted to post
June 30, 2011, 06:17:02 AM

Recently, there have been cases of people botting or autoing on the server or very strong suspicion of people doing this. This is a reminder to let you know that botting or autoing is against the rules and doing so will result in your account being banned for seven days and certain skills on your account being reset, depending on which skill you were botting. If you know about anyone breaking this rule and have evidence to prove that they are, please report it by either posting in the rule-breakers board, or by sending a private message to one of the administrators about it to keep it confidential. We've already caught a handful of people who have been doing this, so don't think you can be so sly as to get away with it if you're doing it. We will find you. :)

That is all,
I want you all to congratulate Kevin on receiving player moderator. Whether you like him or not, you should respect the help and time he puts into this server with Ryan in helping Ryan program the game and come up with ideas. There is a lot of 'behind the scenes' things that Kevin does for this game and I thought it was time to recognize and give him the credit he deserves. This was something that, in my opinion, was well overdue, and I'm sure that most you will agree with me.

Congrats, buddy.
QOTD / Question of the day (April 20th, 2011) 420!!!
April 20, 2011, 12:15:29 AM
This one goes out to my stoneheads. ;)

What do you have planned for today? Who are you hanging out with and where are you going?
QOTD / Question of the Day! (April 5, 2011)
April 05, 2011, 04:42:02 PM
Sorry for the delay in the question.

What are some old school games that you played back in the day? It could be for PlayStation, Gameboy, Xbox, etc. but keep it old school like back in the 90s. Post a picture of the game cover as well if you wish.

Here's one for me:

This game was pretty much my life.
QOTD / Question of the Day! (April 2, 2011)
April 02, 2011, 02:52:16 AM
What's one thing that you do that you think nobody else does? It may be a little difficult, but think, and be specific. :P
Everybody congratulate this dude on becoming a new forum moderator!
Videos / Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers
July 23, 2010, 06:55:28 PM

Eminem just amazes me. That's all I can say.
Videos / Eminem - You're Never Over
July 09, 2010, 05:48:43 AM
I hadn't ever listened to Eminem until yesterday. Jeremy sent me his new album "Recovery" before it was actually released, and it just sat on my computer for a couple of weeks before I actually listened to it, and I gotta tell you, he's is definitely the best rapper I have ever listened to, and is definitely up there with my list of favorite musicians now. I like him because he raps about his life, and not just meaningless crap like every, and yes, I use that term strongly, every rapper out there today. This was my favorite song off of his new album:

I did research on the song and found out that it's about his very close childhood friend Proof who was shot in a nightclub back in 2006. That's Proof in the video on the left. If you actually sit there and listen to the lyrics, you can really tell that he puts a lot of his emotions into the song. He has his own style of rapping, a style I've never heard before, but a style that's REALLY good. Just listen to it, I'm happy I did.
-Closed at the moment-
I don't feel like doing this right now, but I will resume sometime in the future.

As of right now, we will play a little game. If you're angry that you're muted in the game and keep asking to be unmuted, I will be muted with you as long as you are muted.

The stipulations of this is that you can't hound any of the moderators or admins about being unmuted or ask them once to be unmuted. The reason I'm doing this is to show you that if I can withstand the mute, then so can you. But with this, you can't ask to be unmuted one time, and neither can I. I could still use other accounts if I want though, as well as you could.

For anyone who gets muted in the game, just post on this topic if you want me to be muted with you. If I am already currently muted, then I won't be able to be muted with another person. I have no idea how long I will tolerate participating in this, but we'll see how it goes. xD

Just make a post like "Bill I'm muted be muted with me" and I'll ask one of the mods or admins in game to mute me as well and to unmute me when they unmute whoever requests to be muted with me.

List of players I've been muted with:

  • -Jack
General (OT) / JEREMY!
June 01, 2010, 12:54:41 AM

I love you.
General (OT) / Lul this guy's a noob
February 21, 2010, 03:02:44 AM
General (OT) / Dreams Discussion
February 08, 2010, 01:46:23 AM
Well, I haven't made a topic in a while on here. It's 1:40 am and I have school in 6 hours, yet, I'm on the forums lol.

Here's an interesting topic; Dreams. Discuss some of your weirdest dreams, favorite dreams/kinds of dreams, worst dreams, what you do in your dreams, etc.

I'll edit my post tomorrow or something and explain some of mine.