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COD Black Ops: Zombies Guide; Solo; Kino Der Toten

Started by Kryptonite, January 29, 2011, 02:35:49 AM

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Drunk Mario

This helped my friend.. he doesn't play this but i showed it to him because he just started playing zombies. Thanks.

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I wish it was possible to punch some through a computer screen.

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AMAZING! Guide. I do the exact same thing except on the part with the dogs I get a Stakeout it's a 1-shot K0. Oh and by the way I also have Xbox. PM for my gamertag  ;). I only play Black Ops for Zombies, because everything else sucks to me  :-\. (disclaimer: this is my opinion.)

Android #17

I love this guide..It's awesome...Really helped me. +1 Respect.^^


Quote from: Android #17 on March 12, 2011, 10:24:35 AM
I love this guide..It's awesome...Really helped me. +1 Respect.^^

Haha thanks bud. :)

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Da fuq are you doing in a graffiti painted hobo dungeon for?

Just lost all the respect I once had for you.


I tried doing this somewhat, and it helped me get to round 15...


Lol, There is no "Guide" for Zombies. Just run around and kill C*****. Really.


There isn't nessicarily a guide but there are tips that can be given to assist you in surviving longer.

<3 Tyren


Well, That's true. You get better by experience. You could follow a guide and still not make it past wave 5.

Experience is key.