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I cannot see anything on most topics created By you :( :(

beautiful poems, i've never read such a master piece, such a great, well made poem. and for once, it's not a cheesy, fake idiotic poem, it's a real, poem with real-life problems and real-life addictions.


Hybrid Owner:
Dude....WoW  :-* Freaking awsome poem-song. Never in my life have i seen anything like it. I think i just became a fan of yours  :D

let me play:
love that poem plz stop putting urself through pain to make them though i still want you to make them  :-* see you in the game!!!!!!!

Banana boy:
Please dont dig up old posts read the dates on the posts otherwise if you do it over and over you will probally get a ban because these are pointless posts


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