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Pharmacist J:
What i'm about to show you IS MY LIFE! It's plain and simple. My life may prove to be very upsetting to some of you. I have spent over a week working on this, I hope you like it.



Sitting in front of my desk and my stomach is turning

A night without a shutdown,this line left my nose burning

No sense of thought ran through this morning

Never thought a night with my family could be so boring

My loved ones around me stared at my pale face

What many don't know is that I'm going through my infamous drug phase

The hunger for some help has left my mind

Look inside my void, there's nothing to find

My engine is running but I'm in the passenger's seat

I could open the car door and jump for retreat

But I stay inside as I see the light appear

I regain consciousness jumped seats and started to steer to the clear

Everyday I wake up and it's the f*cking same

Don't know what happened yesterday

But I know that I feel real lame

I grab the bottle, the alcohol and plate

Apologize to you for coming in late

Minutes after I feel so much better

Popped a pill after I wrote that last line...

Maybe even decide to write you a letter

If only I had the power of will

To move beyond these stupid little f*cking pills

I'm glad you can't see me like this....,


But I still miss the feel of your love when I was young

I think if you were still around

You wouldn't be happy with the sight you found

I've fallen in this way too deep

Hours pass and I need two more Morphine's

Wandering through life half asleep

My friends almost cheer for my addiction, or so it seems...

And it seems to fill me with violent envy

As I sit down and contemplate my my next high

I realize how powerless I now really am

I'm just a slave to this dumb addiction

Killing everyone with my mindless affliction....

Don't you come near me cause my inner thoughts are gettin' the best of me
I drink my drink and smoke my weed and pop my extacy.
Then snort a line, and pop a pill to finish the recipe, this means
I'm really letting the beast within get the best of me
**/Chorus** X2

I do miss Kristen, my thoughts have one question...

why the f*ck did you lie to me?

Why the f*ck did you choose him?

Why the f*ck do i still feel pain, you see....?

f*ck it, i'll just sip my gin...

What ever happened to the love that I once knew

To everything I had at the time,

To the things that I would say and do,

To everything that made me who I was

I don't remember, but I know it was something

I couldn't have felt that way just because...!

What was it that kept me from being so sad

What was it again, I kind of forgot

But I want it again, I want what I had

I loved it so much Beccause it made me happy

It changed me for those hours in time

My life seemed so different, and the colors were trippy

But what was it?...........

Well, I know exactly what it is

It's my love,

It's my happiness,

But I swear I'm not a drug addict

Don't tell......but it's my Ecstasy,

My psychedelic E

I love them,

I just love what they do,

The colors,

The feeling,

And all the thoughts I have with them

It's been over a two months now

And I miss them so much

I want them again,

I want my Ex,

I want you,

My psychedelic Ecstasy...

Don't you come near me cause my inner thoughts are gettin' the best of me
I drink my drink and smoke my weed and pop my extacy.
Then snort a line, and pop a pill to finish the recipe, this means
I'm really letting the beast within get the best of me
**/Chorus** X2

I have a bunch of pills,

some are made of liquid

and some give me the chills.

It's hard to filter out which ones I need

and to take the ones prescribed to my family,

but it's okay --

but anyway

I'll take them all

and be high all day.

it's simply another visit,

so come and see me -

I'm out of my house

and living by the sea.

I've lost my medication

and it's causing a sensation,

I don't know what to do or what to say.

The pills will wear off some day.

But not to-day, another day, is that okay?

Is that okay with you?

I'll find a replacement,

there's some things hiding in my basement -

I'll go inside and check them out

I'll overdose and hold my doubt --

but at the same time I need my medication.

I'm making accusations,

but don't give admiration for my loss.

I need no dramatization

and maybe less fascination --

but being on drugs is so much fun

even when I don't know what is what,

now look what you have done.

God damn the thrill of mental asphixiation.

? Pharmacist J.


I pooN I:
This was your greatest Poem-song yet! YOU ARE AMAZING! This was seriously a masterpiece of art, and also very sad, and I can tell you put alot of pain and thought into this piece of art. I really was not much for poetry, but Tech N9ne and you have a very creative way of doing it, and I can really feel your pain. Anyways, nice work Pharmacist, and remember, please, please, keep them coming!

Two words: Wow. Masterpiece.

What can I say??

WOW! This is VERY good. I loved how you added the chorus line, it was PERFECT-O! This can really be a song, I can hear the words as if it were a song. Don't ever stop writing your poems no matter what anyone else tells you, it's great. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. You really tell your life story here. Keep dazzling us with these poems, there beautiful.

Your number one fan!


Volcanic Me:
That brought tears to my eyes, please stop making them, it's hurting me to read them, knowing what you put yourself through to create them. I love your work, if you do continue, *****PLEASE***** use past experiences, it hurts me to hear new, but it's nearly impossible to NOT read them. From here on out, I'll attempt to NOT read them, at least 'till some one tells me that you have stopped hurting yourself at these lengths.

                       -YOUR ALL-TIME #1 FAN, VOLCANIC ME.


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