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DeathZone is lead by Chaoslancex (Oscar) and Kyle.
Death Zone is a fraternity of assassins, who soul purpose is to kill without mercy.

Clan Forums: Click Here
Clan Base Co'Ordinates: 1891 4522 2

If your applying then this is what you need!
-125+ Str (It all Depends on how well you Pk).
-110+ magic

--- Code: ---____________________________
Clan Enlistment Form         
☣Death Zone☣
InGame Name:
Combat Level:
Strength Level:
Attack Level:
Magic Level:
Defence. Level:
Previous Experience:
Rate yourself as a PKer:
--- End code ---
If you fail to use this format your request will be denied.

Clan ranks:

☣Rivin X☣


Dragon Core Division is an Elite Group of members witch are made up of powerfull members whom have been with clan and are well trusted advisors to the owners of the clan the Dragon Core Division are the Members that keep the Clan going and we can always count on them to fight! These Members have power over other Ranks. They're able to give their Vote to either Accept or Decline an applicant.
Dragon Core Division Leader
☬ Heoros1(Brian)☬
I Merk

The Rank of "General" is A very High Rank and is Made up of Really powerful members who usually are high combat if your under this rank your should be proud of your self to have such power and skill to make it to this rank, the Generals of Death zone always fight with everything they have. These members are allowed to give there vote/advise of players whom are applying to the Clan there Given privileges that others don't get access to the Clan's Armour ect.
Brigadier General ☤X Hechild X☤

The Rank of Lieutenant is the Center of the clan those who have climbed the ladder of ranks with in Death zone and have reached the Rank ot Lieutenant of Death Zone have shown that they have what it takes to keep going and head for the top, they have the ability to pk at a General's Level and soon achieve that rank.


The rank of Sergeant is made up of Members yet to be seen in action they are powerful but in training they have much to learn and a long way to go with the help of the other members this rank will become powerful and they can always ask for help from the other ranks.

The Corporal is assigned to those whom have just joined the Clan and have a long way to go to rank up with in Death Zone, this members have untapped Potential that Death Zone is yet to Uncover, As a Clan we will Help the Corporals move up in skill and Combat

The Rank of Private means you've made it into the clan and have shown that you have what it takes to be part of Death Zone with all the skill and power that you have hidden inside and one day it will be uncovered to prove that your the Best of the best once in this Rank you will begin your journey in Death Zone to reach the top and be a Pking Legend with in the Realm of Worldscape and the Clan that roams the land!
L 1 v e

The Recruit Rank is Just a Pre-station of the Clan that means that you are yet to become a full member of the clan, this "rank" has yet to show that they have what it takes to in-list in the Clan's Ranks for the Long journey

☣Death Zone Legends☣
Death Zone legends is just a place in which we will Remember the Past pker that took part in Dz and are legends to this clan.

K0ed or k0ed
Rivin X

Clan Allies
- Wasteland

Clan Rivals

DeathZone Enemies
~These Players must be killed on site, with out any question Just Kill Them~
(Players who betray DeathZone for another clan will now be added to the KOS without question)

The DZ ban list is for players who have been given 1 too many chances, and are permitted from ever joining DeathZone
~DZ Ban List~

Members on temporary leave.

felix mafia:

Reserver space for Death zone in-game Events.

Felix mafia: No longer in Clan.




Cerial #: Good pker

how tall i am: playing for 6 months

can i join?


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