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Rules of This Board; Requirements For Starting a Clan.


Hello Pkers of WorldScape!

This board is here for all of you that want to create and start a clan, or just simply join one. What a clan is is it's a group of people that was formed by a person, or other people, that do things such as hold events, drop parties, or simply just pking. Clans are one of the biggest parts of WorldScape today. Almost everyone that plays is in some sort of clan.

Lately, there have been some problems in this board that I have come upon such as:

* Lots of spam (Through my eyes is understandable, most people don't realize it in this section)
* Double-posting
* Flaming; clan members or owners posting on other clans saying their clan is better or they suck
* People making clans, then a week later, stop their clan which leaves useless topics in this board
* People posting on clans that aren't applying or joining that clan
* People leaving clans, then ask to re-join and they get mad when they can't come back
* Clans that show no detail in their post and they just say "I'm starting a clan called noob pkz. Post to join!"That is a list of problems that occur in this board that need to stop. To do that, some new rules and requirements must be set in stone for this board.

If you plan to create a clan and make a new topic about it, then your first post must contain detail, including the positions in your clan. If you just make a topic saying "join my clan it's new.", then that doesn't show that you're serious about your clan and that you don't care, and it will just be dealt with as spam that way. If you don't give detail, your topic will be locked without reason and/or probably removed. You may, however, post it, give some detail like requirements, events, etc., then say you will be posting more detail later if you just don't have the time at the moment. Of course, you'll eventually have to come back to it later. For a very good example of a detailed clan topic, click here. A lot of topics in this board already have made a topic creating a clan, a week or two later, stop their clan completely. This is causing the front page to be spammed with dead clans that aren't ever used. So please, only if you are 100% sure and serious that you want the responsibility of creating a clan, then you may create a clan.
Note that any existing topics that have no detail may receive a warning, if not, will be locked. Any topics where the clan was only alive for a short period of time will be locked, if not, deleted.

If you don't want to make a clan yourself, but you are interested in joining one, then some requirements come of that also. Applying for a clan isn't posting something like this:
--- Quote ---Hi I want to join your clan because I'm a good pker and I have high levels.
--- End quote ---
If you post on a clan topic saying that, that's not giving any information whatsoever and it will be dealt with as spam. If that occurs, your post will be removed. If it continues, you will be warned. If the clan you are applying for is a pking clan, then you must post the appropriate skills their clan will be using. For example, if your clan is a maging clan, obviously strength and attack wouldn't be necessary for that clan, so you would maybe apply some way like this:
--- Quote ---Name: Bill
Combat level: 165
Magic Level: 135
Hitpoints Level: 130
Reason for applying: I believe my magic level is high enough to be accepted in this clan. I like the clan and I respect the people in it, so that is why I'm applying.

--- End quote ---
You may want to give a reason why you are joining that clan because it may up your chances of being accepted. If you're applying for a clan where they use weapons such as dragon daggers, dragon scimitars, etc., then you may want to apply for it like this:

--- Quote ---Name: Bill
Combat level: 165
Attack Level: 130
Strength Level: 130
Defence Level: 130
Hitpoints Level: 130
Reason for applying: I believe my strength and attack levels are high enough to be accepted in this clan. I like the clan and I respect the people in it, so that is why I'm applying.
--- End quote ---
If their clan includes ranging, you would also add the following:

--- Quote ---Ranged Level: 128
--- End quote ---
If you are applying for a clan, then I expect to see an application including something similar to that format, unless the clan you are applying for sees their format and requests differently. Think of this format I have provided for you as the default format required for every clan. If the clan you're applying for doesn't have a specific requested format they go by, then use the following format below: (You may just copy and paste this to use it)

--- Quote ---Name:
Combat Level:
Attack Level:
Strength Level:
Defence Level:
Hitpoints Level:
Ranged Level:
Magic Level:
Prayer Level:
Reason for applying:
--- End quote ---
If the clan you're applying for has a specific format they request, then you must use their format, and the one above will not be needed. If you want to create a clan, it doesn't specifically have to be a pking clan. You are allowed to make your clan for anything you wish, whether it's a drop party clan, a clan where you play games, or just something as simple as a clan for outfits only. Any idea for a clan is permitted.

The only times you are allowed to post on a clan topic, and this includes the owner of the clan, is when a member is applying for the clan, you have any questions regarding the clan, or if you are accepting or declining someone. Anything else posted in this board that is not what I have just stated will receive a warning. If it continues, a mute will be actioned. If you have accepted a player that has applied for joining your clan, then you are allowed to reply saying "Bill, you have been accepted." Same goes for declining someone. If you are declined, you are not permitted to repost on their clan topic saying "Why was I declined? My levels are high." If you have questions regarding why you were declined, private message the owner of the clan. I'm sure they'll be happy to let you know. Applying for the same clan again is allowed, but if you plan on doing that, then your levels must have had a very big increase. You do not have to modify your first application. You are allowed to post a completely different one. I realize what I have just said cuts all conversation out of clan topics, but that is what the Clans Discussion board is for. The Clans Discussion board is rarely ever used, because all of the conversation, or discussion, goes on in this board. Well that's not what this board is for and it is considered spam when you do so. This board is for recruiting, or in other words, getting together a clan. Making small posts such as "Bill is now a member!" is also spam. Please do not post things like that. If you want to announce that Bill is part of your clan now, it would make much more sense to modify your first post and add Bill's name in it. That or posting it in the Clans Discussions board would make most sense. So that needs to stop, as well as posts like "There's going to be an event soon." or "This post is to bump my topic." Spam spam and more spam! If you are holding an event, you would also post this in the Clans Discussion board, or simply modify your first post. The next thing I would clarify would be double-posting in this board, but if you follow everything said above, then there would never be double-posting taking place. Creating topics such as "Hi I'm Bill and I want to join a clan! Reply if I can join!" if also not permitted. Even if you include all of your stats in the format I have provided, it is still not allowed. The only way you may be in a clan is if you are creating one yourself, or if you apply for one. Making topics asking if you can be in clans is not allowed in the Clans Recruitment section. It may be allowed in the Clans Discussions board, but that depends on the degree of the post. Making separate topics advertising your clan saying "Everyone, go look at my clan topic it's really cool and I need more people in my clan." is not permitted either. If you wish to advertise your clan, this may be done in the Clans Discussion board.

Posting on other clan owner's topics saying your clan is nooby, your clan sucks, our clan will beat your clan, etc. is considered spamming and flaming and you will receive a warning for your actions. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. If someone wants to make a clan, just leave them alone. I always say this; it's okay if you have an opinion, everyone has a right to one, but keep it to yourself. Any sort of fighting whatsoever should be taken to the wilderness, which is the most logical place anyways. If you're in a clan that you wish not to be a part of anymore, posting on it saying "I'm quitting this clan" or "I'm quitting this clan because I'm making my own k bye." is not permitted and is also spam. All it takes is to simply private message the owner of the clan letting him know you do not want to be a part of their clan anymore. Now, what I can see happening, and it has, is people making their own clans, their clan never succeeded, and they ask the owner of the last clan they were in if they can come back and rejoin. This happens all the time and it seems like something that happens often. If you want to rejoin, don't post on the topic asking, private message the owner. Most of the time, the owner says no because they feel they were betrayed by your choices. Then the player that wants to come back can't and they get very mad and upset. Well from the owner's perspective, you can see why they don't want you back anymore. You left their clan to either create your own clan or join another clan. So if they say no, there is to be no flaming or questions asked. Just simply move on and deal with it, and maybe a few weeks or months later, reapply for their clan. So before you think about quitting a clan you're in, think twice, as I have just brought up some very good points to you.

This pretty much covers everything I have been wanting to say for the past couple of weeks. I understand everything I just said not to do has already been done in this board, like dead clan topics, lots of spam and double posting, people saying their quitting the clans, and I obviously won't be able to delete all of the spam, but I will be looking into clan topics in this section a lot more and keeping an eye on these topics, as well should the other Forum Moderators. And as I bring up again the Clans Discussions page, I ask you to start using that board and direct any conversation whatsoever to there. Again, this board is not for conversation, it is for grouping and recruiting your clan. That board has been provided for each and every one of you and it's not used enough.

Summary: So basically only post if you're applying for a clan or you're accepting or declining someone. All conversation goes in the Clans Discussion board. Anything else posted, your post will be removed. If it continues, you'll receive a warning for not following this post. Put detail into your clan topic or else it will be locked or removed. Don't make a clan unless you're sure you really want to, because most the time the clan will die, which will leave a useless topic. Anything else that isn't an application or isn't a question should be private messaged to the owner of the clan.

Good luck on your clans everyone and thank you for reading! :)
Best of luck out there in the wilderness!



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