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Another Day

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Pharmacist J:
I'm not exactly sure whether you'd call this a poem, a rap or a story that just rhymes. Whatever the case my be, I presume that this is my most story-like creation. I wrote this yesterday, Thursday, June 12th, 2008. Feedback is welcomed, PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!

Another Day

Another day, a new start

I pop a pill to start my day off

Do these really make me smart?

Take too many at once, and i cough

Lovely feeeling, and doze off

An hour later, the Morphine is fading

I set here debating

Whether or not i should pop a 30 M G

Yes! That's it! That's my key

To numbness, and no feeling

Meet up with some friends at the peak of my high

At this time, i'm low on my supply

Ask a friend, hey, wanna sell me some pills?

While he answers, his words blurred, I feel as if i'm floating on black-brazil hills

My body feels weightless, pain numb, yes, these pills do fullfill

I return home, noone about

Pop another pill, lay on my bed and zone out

Pain found it's home again

Deep within, i feel i must relieve oneself

Why do I punish myself?

I know that's fucked up to say

How many times have I visited this place?

How many happy pills must I take?

I wish I could rip off my face

Still being alive is my biggest mistake

The happy pills are getting me high

My chest is so tight

I think I'm going to die

To my head is a phone, 'Someone help me, Please! '

I'm leaving this life, theres things undone

I fall down to my knees

To my head is my hand with a gun.


? Pharmacist J

Please leave comments.

Wow Pharmacist J, you continue to amaze me by your poems. Great job!

Yea your poems are really good at showing real life situations, and they just feel so real!  :D

hotqueen11-sorry im not on my username but that was great.........i hardly doubt i could write soemthign so good.

that is a very good poem,and i agree with ry. I also hear that sometimes there are poem contests and one of my friends won 2nd place and got 500 dollars i think you should try to enter a contest because i think you would win. :)


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