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Morphine - This will be my pain relieved


Pharmacist J:
Hi. I wrote this poem in less than a half an hour. Mostly testing myself to see how fast i could write a poem. Please leave feedback.

These pills in my hand,
are all that sustain me.
They'll kill me slowly,
and give me mercy.
My escape and release,
they'll be all that I need.
When tonight I take them
and disappear completely.

But until the Morphine,

Decides to finally kick-in,

Oh wait, I can feel that feeling...

That feeling, that takes me higher than my ceiling,

I'll sit here, mind blurred,

Numb, and painless

As the morphine surges through my vein

I wish this feeling would sustain,

Forever and ever, ridding my thoughts of stress,

Sitting here completely high, mindless, distraught and you could guees...

Once and for all, I'll take my leave.
This will be my pain relieved.

? Pharmacist J

Volcanic Me:
That was really good for a poem you wrote in half an hour. =D

                 -Volcanic Me.


I've said this before and I'll say this again, Your a very good poem writer or typer. ;D



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