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Hi guys. Despite the exaggerated title, I bring up this topic seriously as I see it hasn't been talked about here yet. So...

What do you guys think of the Coronavirus? Opinions on lockdowns? Masks? Non-maskers? New world order? Vaccines? Will this ever end?
Also drop what area of the world you're living in when you comment, as I'm sure this is vastly different depending where you are.

Personally, I have always viewed this entire plandemic with a ton of skepticism. I live in the US, and when the virus first got here, everyone bought all the toilet paper and eggs from the store and I was mad about how difficult it became to get basic materials. That and I had a major problem with the idea of lockdowns. I hate the idea of a government-enforced lockdown, and I was worried they were going to take it to an extreme and basically lock all of us in our houses as we willingly comply, then come door-to-door f*cking all of us in the ass while New World Order takes over the earth because humans literally just handed it to them. I still think the first round may have been to test the waters in determining our compliance "in the interest of public safety". Still very skeptical.

I will say that as the virus developed, I've taken it a bit more seriously.. but only a little. I first thought the virus might be completely fake, but that turned out to clearly not be the case. However, I think it's mainly a worry for those who are old or who are in terrible health. So there is some genuine concern for keeping it away from your elderly loved ones. I've known friends who had someone they loved die from this, but still the majority of my friends whose parents caught this virus ended up having their parents recover. As far as younger people having it though? COMPLETE joke. Nobody I know who's around my age has hardly even suffered from having this virus. But strangely it seems there is a large portion of the younger generation who is terrified of getting sick from this, and who wants to cheer for the government taking absolute control of us (probably just so they can have an egogasm by knowing how safe and virtuous they are being by supporting lockdowns and socialism).

Ok, now you've seen a bit inside my brain. I think my position is definitely a bit extreme, but I don't see myself ever supporting global lockdown for any reason. I think natural selection has its place in history, and if this virus is as dangerous as they say it is, then maybe what follows it was simply a necessary part of human life. I also think that if this virus were as dangerous as they say it was, we wouldn't constantly be hit with messages that encourage us to fear it. The fear would obviously come naturally.

My hope is that somebody can comment and show me a perspective that completely changes my mind, as I try to be open-minded and want to think of the world as a positive place. My intuition just tells me that this is fishy as hell, and that something bigger is probably eventually coming.

Krest I V:
Hot take: covid is bad

Not sure if i agree tbh. I like it a lot. I want to have it in my balls

f*ck covid. f*ck the Illuminati. f*ck DZ.

M I K E:
Never would've thought that such a topic would be discussed on these forums..

But it's getting better I guess?


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