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Drugged Up

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Pharmacist J:
Drugged Up

I spend my hours floating low on depression
But when they all leave the house, its at my own discretion
Either I could break things and get rid of my aggression
Or I could take pills and begin the compression

I choose the latter, begin to unwind
And grab at the bottles -- arrows align
Morphine, Oxycontin, Valium fine;
Sedatives, Ecstasy, Xanax divine

I lay on the couch, my stomach a-flutter
My words are slurred, the only sound a mutter
I look around, everything's a clutter
And I think to myself nothing, only a shudder

This is my life and I'll live it full
Instead of living under my parents' rule:
To remain from drugs and stay in school
I say f*ck it, I'll live and die a fool

But here comes the insane part of me again:
Not that I am astray from sin,
But is it so bad I should fight from within?
But I'm so drugged up I don't care if I win.

? Pharmacist J

Volcanic Me:
Wow! That was amazing. Keep up the good work!  ;D

                        -Your #1 Fan, Volcanic Me.

The words really flow, if you know what I mean.  :)

Amazing job.  8)


Pharmacist J:
I really appreciate it you guy's...

Thank you, and likewise to Volcanic Me.


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