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Brief Beginning guide to crafting

Started by Dug, January 29, 2018, 12:12:01 PM

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Good evening!

I've just had this on my computer and wanted to let anyone who's thinking of training crafting this is one method you could begin to raise a few levels before you go on to a more efficient method.

Soft Leather: (1 each)
Gloves         : 3450 exp
Boots           : 4075 exp
Crowl           : 4625 exp
Vambraces   : 5500 exp
Armour        : 6250 exp
Leather Body: 6250 exp
Chaps          : 6750 exp
Coif             : 9250 exp

Hard Leather:
Hard Leather Body(3):  8750 exp (2916 per hide)

Green D'Hide:
Green D'Hide vambs(1) : 15,500 exp
Green D'Hide Chaps(2) : 31,000 exp (15,500 exp per hide)
Green D'Hide Body(3)  : 46,500 exp (15,500 exp per hide)

Red D'Hide:
Red D'Hide vambs(1): 19,500 exp
Red D'Hide Chaps(2): 39,000 exp (19,500 exp per hide)
Red D'Hide Body(3) : 58.500 exp (19,500 exp per hide)

Black D'Hide:
Black D'Hide vambs(1) : 21,500 exp
Black D'Hide Chaps(2) : 43,000 exp (21,500 exp per hide)
Black D'Hide Body(3)  : 64,500 exp (21,500 exp per hide)

Other methods include:
1) Crafting fire staffs from orbs looted from Hero in ardy (Also a good method to trigger random events that leads to method #3)
2) chisel a bunch of gems and then further use those gems for jewelry (as suggested in another topic)
3) Use your leftover lamps in your bank if you managed to store them before a crucial update that prevents you from doing so.
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