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Board rules and How To (READ!)

Started by Jeremy, September 24, 2008, 08:58:21 PM

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How To:
YOUTUBE VIDEOS ONLY! It's very simple to post a video. Simply copy and paste the URL into your message, highlight the URL and click the Youtube button.

Rules -

1. No Pornography - This is a BIG ONE. No nudity, nothing of the sort. Your video will be taken off immediately and your account will be actioned against with no questions asked. Please keep the urges to share these videos to yourself.

2. All Forum Rules apply to this Board. If you need help finding the rules then you can simply click this link:,3.0.html

3. No advertising different Video sharing sites here on this Board. Simply unacceptable, there is no advertising in general so don't think it will be allowed on this board because it will not!

4. No Videos with excessive cursing. Now, their are a few exceptions within reasonable limits. Just no excessive bad words. This means if your video has excessive amounts of cursing (the "F" word for example) or other bad words it will be removed. Please use your better judgment.

5. If you post an IRL (In real life) Video, make sure it follows the afore-mentioned.

6. Have FUN!

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