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Slayer bugs

Started by Predator, April 10, 2015, 02:27:31 PM

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As i'm going to max my account, i've stumbled upon hundreds of bugs.
These are bugs ive come across during; Slayer

- Ice warriors don't count as a kill in your slayertask.
- Arzinians don't count as a kill in your slayertask.
- make diffirent sayermasters with different slayermonsters that requires higher levels. (getting "men" tasks at level 134 isn't really good..)
[COMPLETE] 1. Get 135 in every skill
[COMPLETE] 2. Pass 10 billion total experience (10/10)
[COMPLETE] 3. Pass 20 billion total experience (20/20)
[COMPLETE] 4. Pass 30 billion total experience (30/30)
[COMPLETE] 5. complete zombies all by myself (840 kills)
[PROGRESSING] 6. hit 2b Exp in all skills (15/21)
[PROGRESSING] 7. Collect 1000 exp lamps (676/1000)