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Regret the Consistency

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Pharmacist J:
Regret this Consistency

My pain is great,
My pain is crushing,
I'm in a state,
Where I am gushing.

I pop pills every night,
I take five or more,
They make me feel alright,
But then I go soar.

The pills make me happy,
Not much else will,
If I don't have them I feel crappy,
That's all I have for my fill.

Morning comes,
The overwhelming mind state appears,
Pop a few making everything numb,
An hour later, I don't know where to steer.

The road i'm traveling,
I feel I'm battling,
Weapon of choice; Ecstasy,
Why can't you understand? I simply regret this consistency.

? Pharmacist J


Feedback is welcomed.

nice hehe and also why did you become a allgofree support user?? donator?

Volcanic Me:
Nice man, really. That was great.

             -Volcanic Me.

Amazing! Keep writing the poems man, you are wonderful at them! keep e'm comming!  ;D ;D ;D

HOLY SHIZZLE! You're an expert, on Poetry's dude. I'm sure, you'd be able to win a Poetry competition, if you enter one ;).
 I didn't notice this earlier, but now I just noticed that this whole section is filled with threads by, "Pharmacist J". I'm very impressed. I wish I had the talent, in making Poetries like the ones you do :).



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