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What is this all about!?

Started by James, September 10, 2014, 08:20:42 PM

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Hi! I'm James. A lot of you may know me, but still, some might not. For starters, let me introduce myself a little bit.

I'm James, Mod James, Irnarrowking, Scythe, 2006, and many, many other names and alias's across the time I've been here. If you had the ability to look, you would see that I was the 99th created account on Worldscape. I have played Worldscape since Ryan first started it, using a really crappy Winterlove base that was loaded with blugs, memory leaks, dupes, and basically nothing else. Since joining the game, I've worked myself all the way up to an Owner, and recently, have began transitioning into the primary developer of Worldscape.

This area of the forums will be for all of the shenanigans I'm working on. There will be pictures, some update spoilers, and just general awesomeness. Feel free, even though there is an introduction topic, to take the time to introduce yourselves here, and make any suggestions for all of this stuff that we're going to be starting. Hopefully with this board, we can further tear apart the wall between players and staff that I feel has plagued this server long enough.


Hai jems. I'm peetur. nic to meet yu.
[COMPLETE] 1. Get 135 in every skill
[COMPLETE] 2. Pass 10 billion total experience (10/10)
[COMPLETE] 3. Pass 20 billion total experience (20/20)
[COMPLETE] 4. Pass 30 billion total experience (30/30)
[COMPLETE] 5. complete zombies all by myself (840 kills)
[PROGRESSING] 6. hit 2b Exp in all skills (15/21)
[PROGRESSING] 7. Collect 1000 exp lamps (676/1000)


Quote from: James on September 10, 2014, 08:20:42 PM
I was the 99th created account on Worldscape.

I am the 12,346th account created, if I registered 12 minutes earlier I could of been the 12,345th.   >:( >:( >:(


I was account 8420 back in the day :(
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