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3 ducks walk into a bar...

Started by Pride, February 27, 2011, 09:00:17 PM

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                      So, 3 ducks walk into a bar. They walk up to the bartender, and ask for 3 beers.
The bartender hands the first duck his beer, and asked him what his name was, and how was his day.
"My name is D*ck. Ahh, same old, same old... It's raining out and we've been going in and out of puddles all day..."
The bartender hands the second duck his beer, and asks him the same.
"My name is Vick, and my day was pretty crap, going in and out of puddles all day, you know.."
The bartender hands the third duck his beer and asks:
"So, I'm guessing your name is Nick?", and the duck responds:
"Nope, my name is Puddles."


Sad Panda

I love this board. Nice joke, Brandon.

Drunk Mario

It's weird how ALL the jokes so far are having to do with Sex.. :o

Good joke I guess..

Quote from: Connor on May 26, 2011, 12:13:30 PM
I wish it was possible to punch some through a computer screen.

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Sad Panda

They're the only funny ones that we won't get in trouble for...