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Started by Binary, October 17, 2013, 11:16:11 PM

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Wanna hear a joke? I have 17 missing assignments and they're all due tomorrow because it's the end of the quarter! And I have to turn these all in because otherwise I will go the first quarter with 4 Fs! Oh wait, that isn't a joke, that's the reality! :D

Edit: Oh and also props to Nick to staying up late with me and doing some of them for me. These papers ain't all gonna write themselves. Or all be written by me.
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I'll do any possible chemistry you have.

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Da fuq are you doing in a graffiti painted hobo dungeon for?

Just lost all the respect I once had for you.

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Ha. You're welcome. Also, during class today I realized I messed up on the 11th amendment and maybe one other one. Oh well, no big deal.