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Ags Hyb Omg's pretty much bank sale.. xd

Started by ags hyb omg, September 09, 2013, 02:49:16 AM

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ags hyb omg

Hi fellow players..  selling this

Skeletal : Boots - Gloves - Hat.
Saradomin hilt and also selling the Godsword shard 3
Mystic mud staff
Easter egg
Anger weapon set
Easter ring
Woolly hat
Bunny ears
Rogue top
Brown and White apron
Highwayman mask
Dark fremennik cloak pretty much black
Green fremennik set
Rune defender
Dragon full helmet
Dragon boots
White scimitar
5 bronze and 2 steel defenders
also got 860 camp tokens, can buy stuff for that

i want,
rogue hat
rogue boots
rogue gloves
lederhosen top
maybe lederhosen hat too.

post here or pm ingame same name