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Revised In-Game Rules!
« on: August 22, 2013, 12:21:00 am »
Rule 1: Offensive Language

This rule relates to any type of racist, obscene, or lure language. Swearing is permitted, but not directly towards a person, and not on the yell channel.

Rule 1b: Spam

Spamming the chat window with unnecessary text is against the rules.

Rule 1c: Abuse of the yell channel

Please do not misuse or abuse the yell channel. The main purpose of the yell channel is announcing trades, and notifying other players of events. Player Moderators and Allgofree Staff will use this channel to notify of in-game events.

Rule 2: Scamming

Please do not scam in any shape or form. This includes but is not exclusive to: Password scamming (convincing other people to give their password or login information to you, or item scamming (scamming players for items (I.E. Come to ::wildy for free items!)). These are critical offenses, and will more than likely lead to permanent bans.

Rule 3: AllGoFree Staff Impersonation

You should not attempt to impersonate ANY staff member of AllGoFree. Staff members have a golden crown next to their in-game name, and also pop up with the command ::onlinestaff. This applies to both in-game and on the forums.

Here is a list of current staff members:

AllGoFree Owners:

Rule 4: Botting/Macroing

Any type of bot or macro detecting software is against the rules. This includes any type of software that directly aids you in playing the game, or any software that bumps into the game to pull any type of information.

Rule 5: Account Sharing

Your account is YOURS and YOURS alone. Any type of account sharing will lead to the account being permanently banned.

Rule 6: Encouraging others to break rules

Do not encourage anyone to break any of these rules. If you decide to do so, you will receive their punishment.

If you follow and abide these rules, there will be no problems! :)

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