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A brief history of James!
« on: October 29, 2012, 11:23:42 pm »
Hi. I'm James. I play Worldscape. I have played Worldscape for a very, very long time. I am also very old.


In all seriousness, it is kind of a funny story how I started Worldscape. I started playing Runescape back in '03-'04. I played for about 3 years at the time, and met a guy on Runescape who was known on Worldscape as Gizmo.  We talked for a little bit, and then he asked me if I had ever heard of Runescape private servers. I thought he meant members servers on Runescape (O.o) and was thoroughly corrected. He then told me about the private server that he and this little puny tiny itty bitty wittle kid named Ryan (aged 11-12 at the time) were making. He asked if I'd be interested in joining, and said sure.  I logged on, and created an account with the same name as my pure on Runescape (irnarrowking), and was very impressed. I played for about two weeks, and then met another person named bk2lumby4you. Turns out, this was Gizmo's brother.  bk2lumby4you and I dominated the Wilderness back in late '06, and thus created an unorganized unofficial clan (as there were no forums at the time).  We had a blast, until one day bk2lumby4you told me that he discovered a glitch that let you kill people outside of the Wilderness.  At the time, Castle Wars had just been released, and there was a bug when it came to dropping explosive potions and turning on Retribution, thus causing it to damage players for INSANE amounts (up to 250 damage).  bk2lumby was severely punished for this, and as such was demoted and apparently Gizmo beat him up IRL.

Late 2006 to Early 2007

So, things continued on like normal until close to the end of 2006.  I had remained friends with Gizmo and bk2lumby and frequently spoke to Ryan as well. At this point, I was routinely invited to what we called 'staff events' back then, which we pretty much just sat at the old mod base and talked about hot celebrities.  December came around, and Gizmo started doing a lot of naughty stuff. He created commands behind Ryan's back, promoted his brother back to staff positions, and was killing people outside of the wilderness.  shit hit the fan close to the end of December, when everyone found out that Gizmo was starting his own RSPS and was recruiting people from Worldscape to join him. This was the last straw, and Gizmo was demoted and replaced with Mod Dichach (Danny).  On January 1st, 2007, Worldscape started to become what it is today.  The 'Camp' mini game was being worked on, the flavor party room was created, and everything was awesome.  It was around this time that Ryan and I began to talk pretty much every day.  I logged in January 1st, and we were sitting in Lumbridge talking about the whole Gizmo situation.  After some time, I was kicked off the game, came back on, and I had a shiny silver crown.  I was then congratulated, and was on my happy little way to becoming what I am today in the Worldscape community.

Mid to Late 2007

Everything went swimmingly again, and Worldscape was starting to boom. We were reaching close to 30 players on at one time (:o) and even had a few other staff members. (Started out with Me as a mod, dark taco as an administrator, and Ryan and Dichach as owners). Danny became inactive, I was playing roughly 8 hours a day, and was having just as much fun as ever.  I had created my own clan (The Taco Clan!) and it was the largest clan in Worldscape HISTORY with over NINETY members in the clan.  Around May/June of 2007, I was also offered an administrator spot, with Dark Taco being demoted for inactivity. My name, was then changed from irnarrowking to Mod James.  Around this time, someone new named Jeremy was offered the co-owner spot with the demotion of Danny.  Jeremy and I got along just fine, actually becoming very good friends, and we also brought in two more staff members: Elias and Kate.  I also helped with the promotion of two player mods: Isnipe23 and I_Poon_I.


After being an administrator for approximately a month, I was offered the title "Head of Staff.'  I took it, and was granted administrative powers on our new Worldscape forums.  This went on for about 4 months, and around this time I began working on a few of my own projects.  I then became inactive, due to getting ready for college.  I left Worldscape, and after about a month of inactivity came back to find my passwords changed, and a few pms from Ryan asking where I was, with tons of frowny faces, and promises for cake if I came back.  At the time, I was really really into the development of my own server (which became quite popular as well,) and a few other side projects I was working on with friends, and decided against coming back.


Finally, after being gone for so long, it was even more awkward the way I re found worldscape then how I started in the first place.  I was back home, visiting my father at our cabin. I came across my old desktop pc buried under a bunch of horse saddles and blankets.  I fired it up to see if it worked, and after 30 glorious minutes it fired up.  The first folder on my desktop was Worldscape 317.  I probably had the weirdest double-take expression on my face.  I fired it up, almost thinking 100% that it was shut down or not being developed anymore, to find that sadly the client was not connecting to the server.  I thought oh well, that's fine. Wasn't really expecting anything more.  But, the curiosity drove me. I googled the Worldscape forums, and tried my hardest to log on to my computer.  Then, I remembered the text message from Jeremy.... "James, I really miss you man. If you ever want to come back, I changed your password to XXXXXX, due to security reasons. Blitz will be out soon, and we all can't wait."  I searched the googley box for Worldscape Blitz, and almost pissed my pants with excitement when I pulled up the old forums that I loved and charished.  I logged on, and was immediately approached by Dug (Who played near the end of my time) and Kevin, this ugly fart that is now a pretty good chum of mine.  My name was then changed from Mod James to James (obvious reasons). And I began playing like normal, till a few months ago when I was approached with the offer of helping develop RuneRebels: A 06 remake. I took it, and became actively involved with that. Then, a few weeks ago, as you all know, I was re-instated as an administrator on Worldscape.  I'm back, baby. And this time I'm in for the long haul.

So, here I am.  Just a veteran worldscape player who's done right. I'd like to thank everyone for getting me where I am today. I can honestly say this server has played a major part in my life, probably even as major as owning my own business or graduating college.  Lame, I know, but its true.

NOW. For some random facts about me:

I am the oldest staff member, and at the time I was promoted the first time, was also the oldest staff member.

I am 23, and married.

The server I left to develop after Worldscape achieved 300 players on at a single time. It was the greatest feeling I've ever had in my life.

The rarest item I have ever owned in Worldscape was a Toy Mouse, which I obtained from killing bk2lumby4you in the Wilderness.


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Re: A brief history of James!
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You forgot the part about me teaching you the ways? xoxo

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Re: A brief history of James!
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You forgot the part about me teaching you the ways? xoxo


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