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You can discuss everything here.
Any ideas? post it here!
Meetings will also be posted on this topic.
There aren't any rules since i don't think people will flame in a clan like this.

✦ Page will be updated soon ✦

I have no idea what the world is with old characters but i want to host a drop party event for this clan and ill drop all my stuff.

I Fear:
It's world 2.. but it's offline atm

Before we start with a meeting or event we should get more players.
My goal is at least to get 10 players otherwise this clan will be useless.
Feel free to help me with getting players and if we get 10 players i will choose a meeting planner.

✦ If you have any suggestions for the topic lay-out or events, feel free to comment.

Well when we get to the point that we have events can you schedule me a drop party please.


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