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Obama vs Ron Paul

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For some reason the media has made these two rivals. Who do you prefer, and WHY? Please be respectful :)

I've been thinking Obama, but I see points of Ron Paul too.


Why do you support Obama?

Gay marriage, of course. ;D

If that pissed anyone off good. I'm practicing satire, making fun of not Obama, but how the society reacts. OMGZ OBAMA'S GAY?!?!?!?!? No. It's all about the votes, and I honestly don't give a shit about gay marriage. What makes the difference anyway? Okay wow enough with the politics. Gay marriage. Why so necessary? Dating can be the same thing, you can just commit yourself regardless.

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I agree... What's the point of getting married? Marriage in general is pointless. Then you gotta make it gay marriage? That's like taking the holocaust, which is bad enough as it is, and switching the races around (jews killing nazis) like WTF? That would be terrible!


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