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The Drug

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Pharmacist J:
This is a work in progress! I'm going to continue writing, and brainstorming in this post. Check back, and keep up-to-date!

The Drug

So how can anyone stop the drug?
When so deep inside, it's something you love
Whatever one it may be
It traps you and then you can't break free

You think it will be only once in a while
Just 2 or 3 times a week
But it suddenly consumes you
Now it's the only thing you seek

Before long, you realize you're addicted
You know it's wrong, and so inside you're conflicted
You stop caring about anything else
You even stop caring about yourself

You begin to hate yourself
Because you'll do anything for the cash
You stop caring about living
And you treat yourself like trash

Some of us could overdose
And lose the thing we should treasure the most
Or we may cut too deep
And some of us don't even want to eat
We just might want another drink
Then we're numb, so we don't have to feel or think

? Pharmacist J

I'm not done yet, I added a little bit. Still in the progress of thinking up things.

nice poem!!!! you're really good at this!! keep doing more

Wow you're quite good at writing these:o although some of them are kind of sad :\

Hmm, not bad :D

What am i saying? That was GREAT, but i agree with Flame, some of them are sad :(

Keep writing your very good at them, hopefully i'll see you in...

WORLDSCAPE BLITZ: the greatest private server.EVER.

 :-* ZELDA  :-*

LOVE YA ALL, and these poems.  :D

Volcanic Me:
Sad, but it's true. Good work.

        -Volcanic Me.


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