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Go away...

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Pharmacist J:
I would like to take a second and point something out to all of you whom of which are reading this. As you can tell, drugs can alter your sense of thoughts; please don't ever try them.

Go away...

Pain, go away...
On my heart you seem to prey.
Go away,
Heart you prey...

Tears streaming down this face
To me they seem such a disgrace
Tears on face
Such disgrace

Old Man Time, help me out
A new heart I need, no doubt
Help me out
New heart no doubt

For this one broke, past repair...
I have to say in such dispair.
Past repair,
Such dispair...

Pills, make me forget this world
Say I in a ball tightly curled
Forget this world,
Ball tightly curled

God, make this torture end
For have I almost lost a friend
Torture end
Lost a friend

As I sit, rocking myself to sleep
I know that pills will make it stop; I weep
Rock to sleep
Yes, I weep

Yes pills can take it away
So as I sit in anguish; I pray
Take it away..Take it away..
I pray

Pain killers aren't strong enough for my soul
Maybe I need more, on the ground I roll
Aren't for my soul
Ground I roll

Blurry room
Heart a-boom
Dosed to my Doom
Here comes the gloom
Pained position I assume
Death over me seems to loom
Here comes the weepers to my tomb
Not too many, I would be right to presume
Earth takes me back; hard dirt does me consume

Pain Killers strong enough
For my troubles were really tough
Not strong enough
Really tough

How through my troubles can I win
While my battle lies deep within
Can I win
Battle within

Weakness comes
My heart-ache this is its sums
Its sums

Pain too strong,
To me, I thought it shouldn't belong
Am I strong
No.. I don't belong

The pain can't mend
This is the end

? Pharmacist J


Feedback is welcomed!  ???

 :o :o nice one!!!! you really really should work on poems whit sound :D

Volcanic Me:
I 100% love your poetry! You're extremely talented. This is a great poem, by the way.

                            -Your Newest Fan, Volcanic Me.

Hybrid 0wner:
 :o I feel the pain.....

    Dude nice poem!  ;)

 ;D man this one right here was perfect i loved it some much man UR SO GOOD!!! KEEP IT UP!


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