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Started by nate, November 16, 2011, 09:02:13 AM

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for some reason im not showing up on the highscores. im number one, but its not showing that. if i search myself then it says im number one, but if you just go to the page then it doesnt show me.  ???

This is / isn't a serious post


u are one. i see it right now.

made by Predator
Number 2 attack
Death zone ex dcd and Co owner
Number 2 best dutch pker.
Got voting legandray pker
3rd best pker
Ex team Psycho owner

freak m4n

Just give it some time.. It will be recorded some minutes later.
Got the 100'000th post on the forums.


k lol. i was kinda upset.  ;D

This is / isn't a serious post