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Poem: Life of Sin

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I'm still keeping up with my poetry.

I hope you all are enjoying all of my work as I am working my hardest.

Here we go.

Living this life of sin is only the beginning, never ending.
I live the life of the unholy, I do things my own way.
I have a heart but yet it fails to work, I dwell where the demons lurk.
Stuck in the pit of the damned, all you people are going to get rammed.
Rammed by the horns of the devil, I dare you try to get on my level.
I'm a beast as you can see, try to test me, think your the best of thee?
I think not, I'll cook your soul in a pot.
I'm living a life of sin like I have no end, I stay true from where I began.
I slit of the wrist of my own, just to get a loan.
Damnation is calling me on the phone, I'm not the only one.
I'm the one to put you on a hot dog bun, best you be on the run.
I'm coming for you as you can see, you will never get the best of me.
I come yet again to where I began, this is never the end, yet only my life of sin.

Please still continue to support my work.

I know I'm extremely active on my poetry but please try to keep up with my active mind.

Check the forums constantly for more poems of mine.

Brian Crowell

Nice poem bro, looking to seeing more.

M I K E:
96% Epicness.

The other 4%: Uber Epicness.

I wasn't a fan. The rhyme scheme wasn't very creative and a few of the rhmyes were corny at best. I suggest reading some Poe or maybe find some old poetry from these very forums, since we had at least one or two decent poets submit their work here. Don't give up! It's my belief that anyone can write, you just gotta keep at it!


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