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Poem: Hopeless Love

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Again, making more poems.

As I always say, poetry is my life, and I'm posting more and more and it makes me feel better just to let people hear my poetry.

I hope that my poetry touches your heart.


I fall silent to a sad note, flowing down the stream on this lonely boat.
I bare in my mind how much longer can I float before I fall into the depths of my tears.
Lost without no-one, thinking nothing can be done.
I look far and near, nothing seems to be clear.
I wish for my love to come along, the one to which i belong.
One to call my own, the one to carry home.
I seek the love that my heart desires, as my body walks through the fires.
Fallen short of ones hope, feeling as I cannot cope.
My heart is dark as a black diamond, hoping for my life to be enlightened.
I fear for myself to be all alone, as I try to touch her blood-stone.
I feel the fire coming from within her veins, with my fangs her blood drains.
Flowing like a river of sin, only to find myself at the begin.
My Hopeless Love

I hope you enjoyed another one of my poems.

Please show your support.

Comment and let me know if this poem has helped you out.

Be sure to check for more poems of mine.

Brian Crowell

Xx Wildy Xx:
nice poem dude thats really got my heart pumpin

Got your heart pumping? Wut?

This touched me. You make amazing poems.

Your so smart and good at poem writing, you should be a professional poet.


--- Quote from: Earth on October 04, 2011, 07:35:28 am ---Your so smart and good at poem writing, you should be a professional poet.

--- End quote ---

I think he is. He told me he was.


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