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Poem: Death Inside

Started by brianc, October 04, 2011, 04:56:23 AM

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Again, time for another poem.

As you all can see Poetry is a great part of my life as it expresses how I truly feel.

I hope you enjoy my poem.

The death inside only makes me want to hide, hide from the fate that's trying to obliterate the life I have left.
Trying to save one last breath, I feel like falling to my fatal death.
The death that burns in my soul, trying to find the sacred scroll.
Trying to heal my wound with the runes of a magician, only to find myself in the hands of a mortician.
My death is subliminal my heart is reaching critical.
I fail to release the power I hold for when I come I turn your blood ice cold.
I'm not the one to mess with I'm the the one to kill quick with a pith.
My body decays by the day, going by my life on the same way.
In my mind I say someone is going to pay, pay for the suffering that I have made one with my own body.
As I spit and flow as I fall to the ground hearing the sound of death itself trying to reach my magic book on the shelf.
I fight the death that haunts me inside, until I go to hell to find my bride,
In-brace the Death Inside!

As always, feel free to comment.

I work my heart and soul just to make these poems.

These poems are written from my heart and the way I feel inside my soul.

Thank you for any support, I love my fans.

Brian Crowell


Great work on this poem Brian, I can see how you work different elements of life and other things into your poem to make it an extraordinary piece of work. Keep it up.  :)


Your poems involve great expression and emotion. They're really good.

Well done.


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